Powerful email on your Palm PDA

No other electronic ink email application offers smoother lines, automatic shape correction, and calligraphy pen styles in different colors. Create high-res, interactive emails and drawings in your own handwriting and send them instantly to any email address. riteMail now provides full editing, recognition and storage of handwritten emails and notes.

With riteMail, you can...

  • Create high-res handwritten notes and drawings from anywhere, on any device
  • Send your notes to any email address
  • Fully edit and recognize handwritten text, shapes and charts on your desktop and Tablet PC

Key features of riteMail include:

  • Exchange notes, drawings and charts between wireless handheld computers and desktops - in any language, on many platforms.
  • Enables unified note taking, processing, and exchange of notes, drawings and charts between pen-enabled mobile devices and computers
  • Easy user interface requires no learning or training
  • Continuous writing space and high quality electronic ink available in various pen styles, colors, and line widths
  • Automatically expand your writing space as you continue to write new content in your riteMail letters
  • Unique riteShape™ technology instantly perfects common shapes and complete charts. riteShape intelligently adjusts, aligns, resizes, corrects gridlines, connects arrows and adjacent shapes, and fine-tunes concentric shapes. [let me try riteShape online]
  • Deferred processing of handwritten notes on your desktop includes advanced editing – the ability to move, copy, delete, resize, and change the color, width, and style of any portion of your notes.
  • Next-generation riteScript™ handwriting recognition technology included in riteMail for Windows allows users to copy handwriting as recognized text and paste the results into key Office applications. [let me try riteScript online]
  • View messages in the body of regular emails for Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Eudora, Lotus Notes, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail and other popular mail programs
  • Send messages in condensed and bandwidth friendly electronic ink format
  • Compact riteMail Web Edition client (based on Java technology) quickly downloads to your connected Windows, Mac, Linux or Unix desktop or laptop computer
  • Use riteMail Web Edition to instantly create new handwritten letters

Feature-rich email client for Palm.



riteMail 2.0.36h